I wrote music that helped me feel something then gave it to my favourite story tellers. 


Art reflects the dominant values of the culture it finds itself in and music has always been one of the quickest to be affected. In any place at any time period since humans have existed you can gleam a deep understanding as to what forces controlled a cultures social structures by investigating its music. From hymns praising the local deities, to war chants, to ballads of love and connection, all allow us to see which human endeavour was deemed the most valuable. Today we find ourselves in a world where music is often a product to be sold using whatever value structure is deemed base enough to attract the masses. To struggle against this is to fight dominant powers within this world but it is an important resistance non the less.


 Music has one laudable purpose in the 21st century: To bring human beings together across the variances of their beliefs and remind us of our common humanity.   






Led by Perth based bandleader and composer Brendan Scott GreyPremiss’ self-titled debut EP is a strikingly unconventional artistic venture where the union of music needing to be voiced and the stories to make sense of it all come together. 

Using an impressive eight piece band as its medium, compositions were approached with the desire to utilise the raw and imperfect sounds of a live band within the genre of Australian hip-hop. All tracks were musically written in their entirety and then presented to a selection of Perth’s finest MC's to say whatever they wanted to say. There was no editing, instruction, boundaries or censorship. The story that came to the MC's first was the one recorded; the one allowed to live in that moment. 

Clocking in at nine tracks, the Premiss EP features the exceptional word-smithery of Coin BanksDraphtMarksman LloydAlex FordHyclassand Macshane. This melting pot of styles and stories is testament to the variety of talent found amongst both the emerging and established artists in Perth’s burgeoning hip-hop community. Current single ‘Let You Know’ featuring Coin Banks and Marksman Lloyd has already received the thumbs up from Hau on triple j’s The Hip Hop Show and is doing the rounds at radio across the country.

While now releasing in their own right, Brendan and his Premiss cohorts have in one form or another appeared on numerous recordings such as Coin Banks’ double EP 'Heads and Tails' and Drapht’s latest album 'Seven Mirrors'. Not to mention chalking up performances at Groovin’ The Moo, Perth International Arts Festival, WAM Festival, Rottofest, Hyperfest, Music Matters (Singapore) and even joining forces with The West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra. In September just gone Brendan again joined Drapht and co. at triple j's Like A Version for an excellent rendition of The Avalanche's 'Frankie Sinatra'.

Premiss EP out Friday October 25 via all good digital retailers